About Us

Meet the team, along with our company “why”…

Our “Why”

For any company it’s important to know what’s behind your driving force. Here at Help Flow we’re clear on “our why”…

To Feel Taken Care Of

When you do business with a company, you’re either happy, neutral, or annoyed. Most businesses “get this” for offline in-person shopping. you know how to make your customers happy and you want your employees to always make that happen.

Keeping Your Website Visitors Happy

The internet is not the “real world” – how can you keep each person on your website happy? The design and flow of your website is one part of that, but nothing can replace that personal touch of a helpful human being (i.e. not website copy, a fancy image or video, or anything else – a real live person).

Providing Real Humans To Help With Questions, All Day Every Day

Our team knows first hand that website design, driving traffic, and focusing on increasing purchases is not enough to have a great web-based business. Most businesses don’t have the resources to have a dedicated team available 24/7 for website visitor questions.


Helpflow Was Started With 2 Simple Goals

Be able to provide awesome service to website visitors on any website, all day every day. And provide this service to businesses in a way where there is a “no brainer” ROI. We do that through our fully managed website live chat service (i.e. we’re available to chat with your visitors all day ever day, answer their questions, and help them move forward towards purchasing). We make visitors happy (and the ROI results for customers has been awesome too).

Visitor Comes First

Visitor experience matters most for us here at HelpFlow.  This is why we focus everything we do on making the visitor’s experience AWESOME!


Leveling Up

Visitor experience matters most for us here at HelpFlow.  This is why we focus everything we do on making the visitor’s experience AWESOME!

Owning It

Every individual is accountable for their part of the business. By doing this, we’re able to deliver great results to all of our customers.

We Want to Make 10,000 People Happy, PER DAY…

10,000 people per day that have a great chat experience with our team.



Jon loves to surf, go mountain biking and playing racquetball.  He loves to play music and he was a member of a rock band when he was a kid.  If you try hard, you will even find some funny videos of him online.


Senior Operations Manager

Jae is a certified foodie–he loves dining out and try new restaurants.  Even if he eats a lot, he doesn’t gain weight because he regularly spends time at the gym to burn the calories.  During his rest day, he loves to relax and sleep.


Quality & Performance Manager

Liz is a proud K-Drama fanatic.  You can tell her any K-Drama you can think of, its highly possible that she watched it already.


Workforce and Recruitment Manager

Dem likes watching movies/TV series, eating and drinking (he loves coffee, tea and beer).  He keeps himself active by riding his bike and playing Dota 2.


Training Manager


Senior Team Leader

Patricia loves to shop and try out different make ups.  She also enjoys trying out different food and watch movies during her off.


Senior Team Leader

Jan loves to bond with her daughter during free time.  She also enjoys watching TV, cross stitching and baking.


Senior Team Leader

Monique loves to hang and dine out with her family and friends.  She also loves reading travel blogs online.


Resource Coordinator / Quality Team

Jossdawn is also a Fitness Coach who actively trains clients during his free time.  He’s into weightlifting, muaythai, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Client Success and Onboarding Coordinator

Judemar loves to play the guitar and listen to good music on his free time.


Chat Support Agent

Charlotte loves to play with her two babies–Brenda (a cute little Beagle) and Bailey (a very active Pomeranian).


Chat Support Agent

Rhona likes to visit places and do fun activities with her son.  She also enjoys dining out with her family.  She’s into Facebook and Instagram and allows her to get connected with relatives and friends.


Chat Support Agent

Michael loves to play FPS games during his free time.


Chat Support Agent

Kier enjoys learning new things during his spare time so he watches instructional videos to learn a skill.  I also enjoys tinkering on broken devices and celebrates whenever he fixes them.


Chat Support Agent

Mithchell loves dancing Zumba.  She also loves to bake different kinds of pastries during her free time.


Chat Support Agent

He loves playing basketball and Dota 2.  He enjoys spending his time bonding with his son and family.


Chat Support Agent

Daniel loves trekking and outdoor activities. He also enjoys playing video games.


Paid Traffic Specialist

Kris loves biking and hiking.  Of course, he also enjoys diving into Google Analytics reports.


Senior Marketing Specialist

When Braden isn’t creating awesome marketing strategies for HelpFlow, he is either travelling, playing basketball or jamming on his guitar.


Sales Assistant

Asiful loves to explore places with his motorcycle.  He also enjoys listening to music.


Executive Assistant

Angel loves to travel and explore new places.  He dreams of doing a year-long travel around the world and visit as many countries as he can.
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