Build My Online Store is a podcast for e-commerce store owners where the hosts, Terry Lin and Travis Marziani, share insights from their experience running stores and expert interviews.

We were interviewed on their show in in episode #169 about how to use live chat effectively in an e-commerce store.

Interview Summary

You can listen to the full interview here.

  • Interview starts (08:05)
  • How can someone else manage live chat for you (12:25)
  • Having the answer every time is not as important as committing to getting them an answer later (14:50)
  • Mistakes stores make with live chat (16:00)
  • Example of how chat works (19:55)
  • Great site design doesn’t stop people from asking “obvious” questions (21:40)
  • Track live chat metrics in Google Analytics (23:55)
  • Crazy ROI examples from live chat (25:15).
  • Conversion rate of chat vs no chat (26:35)
  • Advanced tactics for live chat (invites, etc.) (30:10)
  • Which features matter when choosing live chat software (35:25)
  • Don’t get too personalized on chat invites (36:45)